Zona Rossa

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“Zona Rossa(红色区域)”是指意大利维苏威火山周围所环绕的18个城镇,在火山喷发时将受到严重破坏,所有居民必须紧急撤离。

陈海舒的多媒体作品《Zona Rossa: 一份关于维苏威火山的报告,在上一次爆发之后和下一次爆发之前》以维苏威火山为样本,探讨了“危险”这个概念是如何被人类社会定义、感知、再现和应对的。作品混合使用多种视觉材料,包括摄影、电影片段和文本,从不同角度再现了维苏威火山的多重属性:它不仅是自然物,同时也是政治、宗教、历史、文化和科技的操作对象。


Zona Rossa: A Report About The Volcano Vesuvius After The Last Eruption And Before The Next
CHEN Haishu

“Zona Rossa (meaning red zone)” indicates the area with 18 towns around Vesuvius in Italy, which would be directly damaged by a potential eruption and all the inhabitants should be immediately evacuated.

Taking Mount Vesuvius as a sample, CHEN Haishu’s multi media work “Zona Rossa: A Report About The Volcano Vesuvius After The Last Eruption And Before The Next” discusses how the concept of “danger” is defined, sensed, represented, and manipulated by our human society. Using different visual materials, including photos, video clips and texts, “Zona Rossa” reveals the multiple characters of Vesuvius – as not only a natural object, but also one that is manipulated by politics, religion, history, culture, and science.

The work includes photographs and interviews from CHEN’s several trips to Vesuvius during 2012-2015, a film-collage composed of clippings from different films and TV-series about Vesuvius and Pompeii, quotes from two letters by the ancient Roman politician Pliny the younger describing the famous eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD, and the emergency plan released by the Italian Civil Protection Department.

陈海舒,1986年生于中国福建省福州市, 现工作生活于德国卡尔斯鲁厄。陈海舒以摄影作为主要媒介,并混合使用多种媒介,如文本、视频、电影和摄影书等。作品关注当代社会中人类的生存状态、集体情感和共同记忆。

CHEN Haishu was born in1986 in Fuzhou, Fujian province, China. He now works and lives in Karlsruhe, Germany. Using mainly photography, but also including other media such as text, video, film, and book, CHEN focuses on the living conditions, social perceptions, and collective memory in today’s society.

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